How Much Money Does A Customer Success Manager Make in 2023?


As businesses strive to retain customers and provide value to them, the role of a Customer Success Manager (CSM) has become increasingly significant. A CSM focuses on ensuring customer satisfaction by helping clients achieve their goals with the company's products or services. CSM is a promising career, and today, we'll be discussing the salaries of CSMs across small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), mid-market, and enterprise-sized companies. Although the remuneration package varies with experience, location, skills and industry, a career as a CSM can be quite lucrative. The salary of a CSM depends on various factors such as the company's size, location, industry, and type of clients. Typically, SMBs may offer a lower stipend; mid-market companies, in contrast, may offer a more competitive package, and enterprises may offer an attractive deal with benefits like health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans. Now that we know what a CSM is let's delve deeper into the compensation trends for CSMs across different industries and geographies.

Salaries of Customer Success Managers in SMBs

Who wouldn't want to work as a Customer Success Manager? It is a job that pays well and offers immense job satisfaction. If you are aspiring to be a CSM in a small and medium-sized business, you can expect to earn an average salary of $55,000 - $85,000 per year. However, several factors determine your salary in SMBs. The first one is your experience in the field. If you have worked as a CSM for many years, you have a better chance of commanding a higher salary. Your location also plays a vital role in determining the salary. Different regions have their standards when it comes to salaries. Sales skills, product knowledge, and communication skills are other factors that could affect your salary. Hence, before you apply for a job as a Customer Success Manager in an SMB, ensure that you possess the necessary skills and experience to bag a higher salary.

Salaries of Customer Success Managers in Mid-Market Companies

A mid-market company is one that has surpassed the start-up phase and is now generating substantial revenue. A Customer Success Manager's average salary in mid-market companies varies from $64k to $96k annually, depending on the experience level and performance of the individual. However, some mid-market companies offer high salaries of up to $120k per year. In the mid-market segment, competition is intense, and businesses have to work hard to ensure customer satisfaction. Consequently, organizations are willing to pay top dollar to retain their Customer Success Managers, making this a position with significant earning potential. Customer Success Managers in mid-size companies also have the opportunity to acquire a range of skills in different fields, making them a more valuable asset and enhancing their pay scale. Factors that may influence the salary of a CSM in a mid-market company include the industry in which the business operates, the number of employees in the organization, and the location of the office. Additionally, Customer Success Managers who have experience in sales and marketing or those with prior experience in the same industry as the company may receive higher salaries. Mid-market companies are attractive to Customer Success Managers for the opportunity to grow professionally and earn a higher income. With the right skills, experience, and a positive attitude, a CSM in a mid-sized organization can build a successful and lucrative career.

Salaries of Customer Success Managers in Enterprises

Enterprises offer a great opportunity for Customer Success Managers (CSMs) to earn higher salaries as compared to SMBs and mid-sized organizations. The average salary of a CSM in an enterprise generally ranges from $80,000 to $120,000 annually. However, the salary of a CSM in an enterprise depends on multiple factors such as the industry, location, level of experience, and the organization's size. For example, CSMs in the technology and healthcare industry tend to earn higher salaries as compared to those in other sectors. Similarly, the location of an enterprise greatly impacts the salary of a CSM as cities such as San Francisco and New York City offer higher salaries due to the high cost of living. Moreover, the level of experience of a CSM plays a crucial role in determining the salary. Enterprises are willing to pay higher salaries to experienced CSMs who can drive growth, reduce churn, and foster customer relationships. In addition, the size of an enterprise also affects the salary as larger companies tend to have higher budgets for CSMs. As CSMs in enterprises have to manage larger accounts and deal with more complex customer issues, they are expected to have advanced skills such as analytical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. CSMs with expertise in enterprise-level tools such as Salesforce and Oracle can also command higher salaries. In conclusion, the salary of a Customer Success Manager in an enterprise can be substantially higher than in SMBs and mid-sized organizations. However, multiple factors influence the salary, and individuals should focus on enhancing their skills and gaining experience to boost their earning potential.

Top Locations for Customer Success Managers

If you want to maximize your earning potential as a Customer Success Manager, location is a crucial factor to consider. Cities such as San Francisco, New York, and Boston are notorious for offering some of the highest salaries for CSMs. However, keep in mind that the cost of living in these cities may also be significantly higher compared to other locations. Additionally, factors such as industry and company size can also affect your salary. For instance, working for a fast-growing software company in Silicon Valley will likely pay more compared to a non-profit organization in a smaller city. In general, industries such as technology and finance tend to offer higher salaries for CSMs. That being said, always do your research on the cost of living, median salaries, and job opportunities in different locations. As a CSM, you have the skills to excel in various industries and regions; the key is finding the right balance between salary and living expenses.

Skills that can Boost your Salary as a Customer Success Manager

Being a Customer Success Manager can be a challenging job, but it is also rewarding when it comes to salary. To earn a lucrative salary, there are some skills that are essential for every Customer Success Manager. The first skill that can help boost your salary is Communication. A Customer Success Manager needs to have excellent communication skills to build strong relationships with clients. Effective communication can lead to higher customer satisfaction, which, in turn, can impact the company's bottom line. The second skill is Problem-Solving, a crucial skill required for addressing customer issues. Customer Success Managers need to be able to identify the root cause of a customer's problem and solve them in a timely and efficient manner. Problem-solving skills not only help to streamline customer success but also contribute towards customer retention. Thirdly, Project and Time Management skills can make all the difference in delivering excellent service to clients. Juggling multiple projects can be challenging, and prioritizing them when they are all equally significant is crucial. Proper time and project management help to keep clients happy and increase their retention rates. Finally, Adaptability is the key to swift success. Customer Success Managers have to be adaptable as the customers they work with will have unique requirements. Being able to adapt to customer needs can lead to a better flow of communication, helping to build a healthier relationship between the customer and the company. In conclusion, having these skills will make you stand out among the competition, resulting in higher compensation. It's essential to continually upgrade yourself and learn new skills to keep up with the changing market dynamics. Keep strong communication channels, solve problems efficiently, manage projects and time, and be adaptable, and before you know it, you will be commanding a higher salary.


To sum up, Customer Success Managers play a vital role in the growth of businesses and are in high demand. Salaries vary according to the size of the company, location, and skillset. By acquiring the right skills, you can increase your salary and stand out in the job market. It's important to keep up with industry trends and continuously learn to stay competitive. With dedication and hard work, you can make a lucrative career as a Customer Success Manager. Remember, success doesn't come overnight, but it's definitely worth the effort.

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