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In 2017 I was driving for Uber making $100 per day.

In 2019 I joined my first tech startup earning $35,000 and never looked back.

I am now an Enterprise Customer Success Manager working remotely.

I worked with the largest brands in the world: Facebook, Sephora, P&G, and Vaynermedia.

I now make over $100,000 USD annually.

My goal is to help others achieve the same dreams I had.

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How Long Can You Stay Unemployed?

Kyle Lessard

Senior Customer Experience Team Lead @Faire


Noah helped me transition from working at a Hotel to customer success. He truly understands how to get you there!

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Amara Hanore

Customer Success Manager @OneLocal


Noah has helped my career grow from customer support agent to a customer success manager in just a few years. Always willing to coach, guide, and help me. Grateful to him

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Obaid Mallick

Customer Success Manager @Contentsquare


Noah is a true life-changer in customer success management. Thanks to his guidance, I landed multiple job offers and DOUBLED MY INCOME. If you want to succeed in this field, there's no one better than Noah - I highly recommend him!

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Naomi Sklar

Customer Implementation Manager @OnCall Health


I worked with Noah to secure a role in customer success, and am so grateful for his interview and resume coaching!

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Haran Mailvaganam

Customer Success Manager @Greenspace Health


Thanks to Noah, I landed multiple offers in customer success. If you're serious about pursuing a career in this field, Noah is the best in the business - I highly recommend him!

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Bo Li

Customer Success Manager @Flexport


Noah hired me in 2020 and was my manager. In that time, I was able to grow into the role, and he was there every step of the way. He helped me get to where I am today

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Tom Harrison

Customer Success Manager @Oktopost


I have worked with Noah for over 2 years and he was pivotal to achieving my current role in customer success. He is absolutely steller and the GOAT of customer success!

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Diogo Naves

Enterprise Customer Success Manager @Recharge Payments


Noah is the key to becoming an elite customer success manager! With his guidance, kindness, and expertise, I've grown into a top-performing professional in this field. He's an incredible coach and mentor - I highly recommend him to anyone serious about success in customer success management!

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Tired Of Being Overlooked?

Struggling To Land An Interview?

 Noah helped me go from being unemployed for 8 months to a customer success manager. I literally could not have done it without his guidance, and honest coaching. 

Kristie Kerr Customer Success Manager @HingeHealth LinkedIn Profile

 Noah changed my life, once I stopped networking and started working with him; I got so many interviews it was INSANE. We worked for 3 months and got a job making BANK! 

Betsy Gilfillan Customer Success Manager @Lionize LinkedIn Profile

 Noah really is an incredible coach. Direct, honest, and helpful. I transitioned from sales to a CSM working with him. He truly cares. 

Magan Lafleur Customer Success Manager @ClearFuze LinkedIn Profile

 Noah helped me with interview assignments, my resume, and salary negotiation. Don't hesitate work with him! 

Hilde North Customer Success Manager @Hypercare LinkedIn Profile

 Noah is YOUR GUY! Knowledgable and intentional. His 1:1 coaching to push me forward helped me secure a role. Work with this guy! 

Victor Trang Customer Implementation Manager @Cognism LinkedIn Profile

 Noah was an incredible resource to help me get a job. We worked together on interview assignment, my resume, and how to interview better. 

Joel Jesaveluk Customer Success Manager @ Workiz LinkedIn Profile

 Noah is just THE BEST. Kind and compassionate. Through all the rejections he was there! We cried together when I got the job. He just cares. 

Camille Heron Customer Success Manager @EzraCoaching LinkedIn Profile

 Noah was the reason I kept going. When I was on the verge of quitting, he told me DO NOT STOP. Ultimately, I got a job because of his mindset training. 

Bradford Sinclair Customer Success Manager LinkedIn Profile

 Noah is what is means to be a CSM. 

Sunny Fong Manager of Customer Success @Kisi LinkedIn Profile

Wasted money on "resume revamps"? Let's change that!

If you are current or former CSM struggling to land your next role, this service is for you.

If you are looking to pivot into customer success, this service is for you.

  1. You work personally with Noah, and not handed off to someone else.
  2. I do not believe in networking.
  3. I offer payment plans.
  4. I am the ONLY CSM coach who actually does customer success full time.
  5. I showcase proof of my clients results.
Serious job seekers commit 10-20 hours per week.

Others have found success with 5 hours.
If you're reading this; they didn't help you enough.

I offer 6-12-24 month payment plans as everyone has bills to pay.
The fastest hiring I have done is 2 weeks, but the typical time-line is 3 months.
The average salary is $94,000 USD.

My highest client is $167,000 USD.