Different Jobs in Customer Success

In customer success, there are various roles besides the common customer success manager. These include implementation or onboarding specialist, support member, and associate customer success manager. Like in sales, customer success has different roles like AE's, SDR, and sales ops. Thus, I aim to give you a short description of each role to help build your foundation and prompt further research. However, different organizations may define these roles differently. Hence, it's crucial to ask questions during job interviews to understand the details of the role. Below are some of the customer success roles: 

1. Onboarding/Implementation Manager - They help customers set up the service/tool offered by the company, focusing on change management and adoption. While they work within a project timeline, they still face customers like a customer success manager. Critical skills required are empathy, change management, project planning, and communication. 

2. Professional Service - This team helps customers build, especially when they lack the technical knowledge to do so. They are essential in creating customer value. Important skills include problem-solving, project planning, and communication. 

3. Renewal Manager - The renewal manager manages the renewal process, communicates with customers about renewals, expands accounts, and negotiates contracts. They ideal for someone from a sales background. Negotiation skills, relationship building, and closure skills are essential in this role. 

4. Customer Success Ops - This role focuses on many aspects of the customer success organization, setting up and maintaining tools and providing data reports. They need to learn SQL and other critical project management skills like tracking data and reporting on metrics. These roles are available in every organization. You can check out LinkedIn for job descriptions.

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