If you are current or former CSM struggling to land your next role, this service is for you.

If you are looking to pivot into customer success, this service is for you.

  1. You work personally with Noah, and not handed off to someone else.
  2. I do not believe in networking.
  3. I offer payment plans.
  4. I am the ONLY CSM coach who actually does customer success full time.
  5. I showcase proof of my clients results.
Serious job seekers commit 10-20 hours per week.

Others have found success with 5 hours.
If you're reading this; they didn't help you enough.

I offer 6-12-24 month payment plans as everyone has bills to pay.
The fastest hiring I have done is 2 weeks, but the typical time-line is 3 months.
The average salary is $94,000 USD.

My highest client is $167,000 USD.